1. ryukuroi said: what about MGSS Eater for Nintendo 3DS. do you think snake will makeit back,and have a stage based on that game?


    MGS 3D to me was just a favor asked to get games closer to launch.  We haven’t seen any of the new games even though the Wii U could handle the MGS: Revengeance and MGS5 as they run on 360 and PS3.  I just wish we had more backing from the series proper.  Just in my mind, I can’t see Snake back.  Don’t get me wrong, I will be cheering if he does return as he is my Brawl main but no matter what side of the coin I see, I just don’t see it being positive for his inclusion.

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    “Before i know it, tomorrow is the last broadcast for the first week!! Even though i spent it without a proper mind, at least happy memories were made^^ Our melodies working hard in cheering and their love (for us) ㅠㅠ (crying sounds) Till the fanmeeting tomorrow ♡.♡ We are going to be together for the whole of tomorrow, from prerecording to fanmeeting to post recording. Kekeke. See you tomorrow melodies ♡ “
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